Ilundáin, The wildlife
recovery centre

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Ilundáin, about us

Wildlife Recovery Centre

The Ilundáin Wildlife Recovery Centre has been operating since the end of the eighties. It comes under the Government of Navarre and is managed through the public environmental management company Gestión Ambiental, Viveros y Repoblaciones de Navarra S.A.

Thanks to two projects funded by the European Community, today the Ilundáin WRC is a modern, well-equipped centre, capable of dealing with all types of wild animal health related problems.



Other wildlife conservation activities

  • Renewed collaboration with volunteers.
  • Muskrats in captivity. Goal: to reproduce this species in a number of centres or zoos.
  • Collaboration in the control of rodents.
    Strengthening of the Barn Owl and Common Kestrel populations.

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