Ilundáin, The wildlife
recovery centre

Fotografía Buho - Faureco



Our work to support wildlife, specifically focussed on injured animals, is basically conducted at the Ilundáin Centre itself.

The Centre is equipped with general purpose and specific facilities:

  • Office
  • Operating theatre
  • Intensive care unit
  • Animal rearing unit
  • Feed preparation unit
  • Workshop
  • Autopsy room

In the rehabilitation area, the centre is equipped with a number of special purpose facilities:

  • Aquatic bird unit
  • Passerine unit
  • Infectious unit
  • Vulture unit
  • Aquatic mammals unit (under construction)  1
  • 2 units for carnivorous animals
  • 16 bird convalescence units
  • 5 open-air flight cages
  • 1 covered flight cage
  • 1 oval flight cage
  • Cage for ungulates

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